Rules of the Ride


This is a voluntary event. You’re all responsible for your own safety and that of other riders. By participating in this event you accept that responsibility. More practically:

  • Make sure you can ride (and control your bike safely) for the ride distance
  • Check that your bike’s in good working condition
  • Bring along anything you need for comfort / safety, e.g. suncream, puncture kit, water, snack.



We will be riding on a mixture of terrains and may include road riding with traffic. Please, throughout our rides, bear the following in mind.

  • We obey all traffic rules and stop at red lights
  • Stay behind the ride leader and ahead of the back marker
  • We ride at the pace of the slowest rider.
  • If the group is split, riders at the front slow down to allow others to catch up
  • On open road we will ride no more than two abreast and allow drivers to pass when safe
  • In traffic don’t filter through narrow gaps. We may call for the group to bunch up, take the road and progress together as a mass, this may annoy drivers but is for the ride’s safety.



We’re all here to have fun, be nice! We’ve not had to ask anyone to leave so far, and don’t want to start. So…

  • Don’t aggravate your fellow road users, even if they deserve it!
  • Stay in control of your bike, we’ll ask you to leave if you’re not.
  • Should be obvious but that includes being drunk or otherwise wasted.
  • Lastly, it’s a social ride and festival, say hello and welcome newcomers!


Download the rules: NWVF – RULES OF THE RIDE.pdf